Surgical treatment for left lobe of liver metastases from gastric cancer

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Despite the development in oncological treatment, one of the unresolved problems is the treatment of stomach cancer with metastases to the liver. The standard treatment of colorectal cancer with metastases to the liver is surgery; however, the role of liver resection in the treatment of patients with non-colonial metastases in the liver remains uncertain. Herein, we present the treatment regimen of antral gastric cancer T3N1M1 with liver metastasis, which included extended combined subtotal–total gastric resection by Billroth II and lymphadenectomy on R-2 (by M.S. Segal), with resection of the left lobe of the liver (S2 and S3) and two incomplete courses of chemotherapy. This surgical intervention provided cure for a period of more than 31 years.

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About the authors

Sergey D. Fokeev

Altai State Medical University

Author for correspondence.

MD, PhD, DSc, Professor of the Department of faculty surgery named after Professor I. I. Neimark and hospital surgery, with a course of surgery of APE, Altai State Medical
University, 656038, Barnaul, Russian Federation

Russian Federation, 656038, Barnaul

A. F. Lazarev

Altai State Medical University

Russian Federation, 656038, Barnaul

E. S. Kazantseva

Autonomous nonprofit organization “NIITO Clinic” (ANPO “NIITO Clinic”)

Russian Federation, 630091, Novosibirsk


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