Vol 18, No 6 (2013)


Current approach es to the treatment of peritoneal pseudomyxoma of abdomen

Abdullaev A.G., Polotskiy B.E., Davydov M.I.


Pseudomyxoma of the peritoneum — a rare type of tumour progression of intra-abdominal localization, mainly of the appendix that is expressed in a diffuse mucinous carcinomatosis, regardless of the degree of differentiation of the primary tumour. Despite the long history of the effective treatments development, the prognosis of pseudomyxoma still remains unsatisfactory. The following paper provides an analysis of the literature on various aspects of the tumour genesis and the experience of the thoracic department in treatment of patients with peritoneal pseudomyxoma using original cytoreductive surgery and intraperitoneal hyperthermic himioperfuzii techniques, a detailed analysis of the immediate and long-term results of treatment.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(6):4-11
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Morphofunctional characteristics of fibroblasts in peritumorous zone of renal cell carcinoma in different degrees of malignancy

Cherdantseva T.M., Bobrov I.P., Klimachev V.V., Bryuhanov V.M., Lazarev A.F., Avdalyan A.M., Dolgatov A.Y., Samartsev N.S.


Morphological and functional activity of fibroblasts in peritumorous zone (PZ) in renal cancer has been studied in 33 patients, using microspectrophotometrical, histological and histochemical methods. Activity of fibroblasts morphofunctional PZ depended on tumors ’ malignancy degree and was highest in most malignant tumors. Morphofunctional fibroblasts ’ activity correlated with width, degree of severity of sclerosis and neoangiogenesis of kidney cancer PZ.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(6):12-16
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Pecularities of immunocytochemical reaction on cytokeratins application in the differential diagnosis of tumor and non-tumor pleurisy and ascites

Grigoruk O.G., Kravtsov V.Y., Bazulina L.M., Lazarev A.F.


The results of the immunocytochemilal reactions applications with cytokeratins 5/6, 7, 18, 20 and pan-cytokeratins from 81 patients are presented in this article. To evaluate the reaction it is necessary to take into consideration that mesothelial origin cells express both low and high molecular keratins. In differential diagnostics of adenocarcinoma and epiteliod mesothelioma as well as reactive mesothelium it is very important to evaluate immunoreactivity of cytokeratins and the result of reaction of mesothelial and epithelial markers.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(6):16-20
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Interplevral analgesia in elderly patients durring postoperative period after thoracic cancer

Novoselova O.A., Kudryashov K.A., Azin A.L.


The development of postoperational pain after thoracotomy is a vital problem, which can cause atelectasis, hypoxemia and pulmonary infections. The research of interplerval analgesia (IPA) effectiveness and systematic opioid therapy has been carried out. A catheter was put between parietal and visceral pleura during an operation. Painless effect was achieved by adding anesthetic liquid to catheter at a rate of 6 to 12 ml an hour. Clinico-physiological and psycho-emotional data have shown, that patients who received IPA with naropin had a more effective and safe analgesia after thoracotomy.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(6):21-24
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The level of sex hormones in the tissues and myoma adenomyosis at the independent and combined development

Frantsiyants E.M., Bandovkina V.A., Moiseenko T.I., Chernikova N.V.


The levels of sex hormone, prolactin and sex steroid-binding globulin in the tissue of the husteromyoma and adenomyosis at the independent and combined development of pathologies was investigated. Violations in the local hormonal background during the self-adenomiose and husteromyoma. In the case of simultaneous development of two disorders, hormonal background adenomiose tissue practically does not change, but the local hormonal status is converted in husteromyoma. The combined development of the two estrogen dependent pathologies, adenomyosis provided significant influence on myoma, subjecting and reconstructing its local hormonal status, manifested in the decline of estrone and increase the concentration of free estriol, as well as reducing SSG indicators in some patients. Hormones of adenomiose and myoma tissue during combined development of the two disorders may create premorbid background for rebirth and malignancy tissue of the uterus.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(6):24-27
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Microecology of the oral mucosa at the stage of prosthetic rehabilitation in patients with acquired defects of maxilla

Kochurova E.V., Kozlov S.V., Sdvizhkov A.M., Nikolenko V.N., Shackaja N.H., Gujter O.S.


The morbidity of malignant neoplasms of the maxillofacial area has an annual constant increase. Surgical treatment is one of the therapy versions. The acquired defect is the result of such treatment, which also requires the reconstructive and prosthetic treatment. Production of a hollow acrylic obturator is widespread and available option of prosthetic rehabilitation after resection of maxilla. One of this treatment characteristic is the large contact area of the obturator surface to the oral cavity mucosa, and the sutural connection on the basis. This connection is a cluster of food remainders and pathogenic microflora of the oral cavity. The oral cavity mucosa is the primary place of contact not only with the aggressive elements of dental engineering materials, antigens, but also to waste products of microorganisms, which are located on prosthetic constructions. The sutural connection requires additional hygienic measures to clean the obturator for the patient. Thus, acrylic hollow obturator with sutural connection substantially reduces the level of hygiene in this patients group and promotes the accumulation of aggressive microorganisms. After prosthetic rehabilitation it can result to damage of oral microbiocenosis and development of inflammatory accidents. We developed a processing technique of a hollow obturator without sutural connection on the basis.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(6):27-30
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Long-term monitoring patients over 80 years operated for gastric cancer

Rokhoev G.A., Nered S.N., Stilidi I.S.


Surgical treatment of patients older than 80 years remains an actual problem and represents a great interest, due to the aging of the population. Many of its aspects, to day, are not sufficiently understood. We describe 3 cases of successful surgical treatment of patients with gastric cancer, older than 80 years. Follow-up was 82.77, and 41 months.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(6):30-32
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Malignant neoplasms in the formation of childhood disability in the Orenburg region

Bayanova N.A., Makoldina I.M., Nabiullina V.V., Panteleeva E.V.


The authors analyze the dynamics of childhood disability due to cancer in the Orenburg region, taking into account the geographical and territorial factors from 2002 to 2011. Critical zones identified areas defined by age and sex characteristics, presumably forming the risk of disability of the child population.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(6):33-35
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The epidemiology of cutaneous melanoma in the Krasnodar region

Yargunin S.A., Kazantseva M.V., Davidenko I.S., Semenihin E.V.


The purpose of the study — an analysis of the incidence of the MC of the Krasnodar region in the past 15 years. Methods. Studied a population-based cancer registry of Krasnodar region on the incidence of MK by sex, age, stage, morphological verification. Results. The incidence of MC in 1998 was 5.1 per 100 thousand population of the province, in 2012 it reached 8.2 per 100 thousand population.conclusions:1. During the period from 1997 to 2012, the incidence of MK rose by 60,8%.2. Against the backdrop of growth in incidence MK One-year mortality increased by 11%.3. The neglect has decreased from 35,4% to 20.5% by 41,3%.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(6):36-38
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Current approaches to the treatment of patients with primary resectable breast cancer

Letyagin V.P., Vysotskaya I.V., Grigor’eva T.A.


The paper examines the main issues of integrated treatment of resectable breast cancer. Identifies underlying prognostic factors and the relation between the choice of systemic therapy on the molecular characteristics of tumours. In the evolutionary aspect different approaches, both local and systemic treatments of patients with resectable primary breast cancer are assessed.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(6):39-47
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Laser hemotherapy in oncology

Gusev L.I., Prityko D.A., Sharoev T.A.


The following review article on laser therapy in oncology summarizes the impact of research materials by laser radiation of different wavelengths and different capacities for experimental tumors. Thus, efficiency of the laser marked gene therapy. Also, the report presents a brief study of laser gene therapy application in advanced stages of various tumors, pre-and post-surgical interventions, as well as in breast reconstruction rectoabdominal flap. The results provide a basis for a wider application of laser gene therapy in oncology.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(6):48-53
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