Vol 18, No 3 (2013)


Modern treatment in patients of malignant plevral effusions resistent sistem therapy

Bychkov M.B., Titov K.S., Gorbunova V.A., Filonenko D.V., Demidov L.V., Kiselevskiy M.V., Trechalina E.M.


The clinical efficacy and tolerability of intrapleural sclerotherapy using a binary catalyst system "teraftal + ascorbic acid" and intrapleural immunotherapy with allogeneic LAK cells and low-dose recombinant interleukin-2 (roncoleukin) in patients with tumor (metastatic) pleurisy at various chemoresistant malignancies was studied. The results showed that this treatment is highly effective (objective response when sclerotherapy was 82%), and immunotherapy (IL-2/ LAK - 92.4% and IL-2 - 80%), relatively rarely give recurrences and satisfactorily tolerated patients .
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(3):4-8
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Differential diagnosis of surgical gastrointestinal complications in patients with non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas

Nered S.N., Shalenkov V.A., Stilidi I.S., Osmanov E.A.


The study includes 190 patients with nodal and extranodal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma who developed or suspected surgical complications (bleeding, perforation, stenosis) in the gastro-intestinal tract (GIT). Complications in 134 patients occurred in the area of the gastrointestinal tumor lesions, 19 - in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract, which were not involved in the neoplastic process. In 37 patients suspected acute surgical pathology was not confirmed, it was caused by the side effects of anticancer drugs. Examination algorithm and a set of diagnostic features used to distinguish the true surgical complications from side effects of chemotherapy were presented.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(3):9-13
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Interaction of trypsin proteinases and kinin system in perifocal tissue of polyps and malignant tumors of the colon

Kit O.I., Frantsiyants Y.M., Kozlova L.S., Terpugov A.L.


Perifocal tissue of malign tumor and polyps of the colon lower part were studied. It has been determined that trypsin- like proteinases which are moderately activated in perifocal area of polyps can perform sanitation and protection functions for this area, preventing free penetration of metabolites from the polyp head into surrounding tissues. In the studied areas of polyps, kinin system is physiological type activated, with increased content of prekallikrein and growing activity of carboxypeptidases. The conclusion has been made that the turning point in change of neoplasm status may prove to be keeping or disturbing balance of the trypsin-like proteinases and kinin system interacting with the adjacent organ homeostasis regulation systems. Supposedly, disturbing the physiological balance in activity of kinin system and trypsin-like proteinases of perifocal tissue of polyps can entail malignization thereof.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(3):14-17
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Morphological changes during Geren carcinoma after cryoablation, a local microwave hyperthermia and their combination

Samedov V.H., Naleskina L.A., Zakharychev V.D.


A morphological and morphometric study of Guerin carcinoma after cryoablation, local microwave hyperthermia and their combination was performed. Combined exposure was associated with decreased adhesion of tumor cells, increasing the area of necrotic tissue and more expressed angionecrosis compared with independent use of cryoablation or microwave hyperthermia. The results suggest a more expressed degradation of the Guerin carcinoma tumor tissue by the combined use of low temperatures and microwave hyperthermia.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(3):17-21
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Relationship between argyrophilic proteins of nucleolar organizer regions and antigen ki-67 with clinical and morphological parameters and survival in lung adenocarcinoma

Kobyakov D.S., Klimachev V.V., Avdalyan A.M., Bobrov I.P., Lazarev A.F.


Investigated argyrophilic proteins associated with nucleolar organizer regions (Ag-NOR proteins) and Ki-67 antigen in lung adenocarcinoma. Defined tumor with low and high content of Ag-NOR proteins and proliferation index (PI) Ki-67. The content of Ag-NOR proteins had a relationship with the clinical and morphological parameters: parameters T, N, tumor size to 3 cm or more, stage of the disease. Survival of patients with lung adenocarcinoma is better in tumors with a low content of Ag-NOR proteins or PI Ki-67. High survival rate associated with low content of Ag-NOR proteins and PI Ki-67, low - with high content of Ag-NOR proteins and PI Ki-67, intermediate - with opposite values of the content of Ag-NOR proteins and PI Ki-67. Tumor size, parameter N and content of Ag-NOR proteins had an independent effect on survival. In lung adenocarcinoma with no metastasis to lymph nodes survival related to the size of the tumor, with metastases - with content of Ag-NOR proteins. Mutual study of Ag-NOR proteins and antigen Ki-67 has differential diagnostic and prognostic value in lung adenocarcinoma.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(3):21-27
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The influence of neutrophil elastase inhibitors on mice survival with the pancreatic cancer during experiment

Berezovsky I.V., Fokeev S.D.


Inhibitor neutrophil elastase (ZD0892) increases mice survival with the pancreatic cancer in experiment. This effect amplifies at application of ZD0892 with xelody (antimetabolite, antineoplastic drug, fluoropyrimidine carbamate derivative), which inhibits primary tumor growing in the pancreatic cancer.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(3):27-30
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Effect of HER2-Neu expression in primary tumor on the efficacy of adjuvant polychemotherapy in patients with stage i-ii small cell lung cancer

Kolesnik A.P.


Lung cancer is a "world leader" in structure incidence and mortality from malignant disease. Surgery is the main treatment that can completely treat patient. But, nearly 50% of patients had disease progression after operation due to presents of micro metastases in time of operation. That’s why necessary to indicate group of patients who needs adjuvant chemotherapy for increasing survival of patients. It is possible to indicate group of patients with the help of molecular markers. The aim of our study is to investigate effectiveness of adjuvant chemotherapy in early non-small cell lung cancer patients due to expression of HER2-Neu in primary tumor. Evaluation of HER2-Neu expression was conducted in 243 patients. HER2-Neu hyperexpression was detected in 70 (28,8%) patients, and absence of HER2-Neu expression in 173 patients (71,2%). We did not identify relationships between HER2-Neu expression in primary tumor and sex, age of patients, location, histologic form, morphologic differentiation of tumor, T criteria. However, patients with N1 and accordingly stage II more frequently defined HER2-Neu hyper expression (р=0,0001 and р=0,001). Moreover, decrease survival was defined in patients with early stages non-small cell lung cancer with HER2-Neu hyper expression in primary tumor (р<0,0001). There is a significant effect after adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with low HER2-Neu expression. It helps to individualize adjuvant chemotherapy and avoid groundless toxic therapy prescription.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(3):30-35
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Isolated metastases in soft tissue of the chest wall in ovarian cancer: case report

Kolyadina I.V., Komov D.V., Cherkasova M.V., Khokhlova S.V., Orel N.F., Poddubnaya I.V.


Case report of isolated metastatic soft tissue of the chest wall in a patient 45 years old with pretreated ovarian cancer. Relapse appeared 16 months later after primary treatment and was a solid tumor in the soft tissues of the chest wall, under the right breast tissue, was verified by cytology, morphology, immunohistochemistry and laboratory (increasing CA 125). The patient received the combination treatment: excision of metastasis and following chemotherapy in RCRC.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(3):36-37
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New method of jejunogastroplasty after gastroectomy during gastric cancer

Baryshev A.G., Khachaturyan N.V.


The authors have developed a method of reservoir jejunogastroplasty after total gastroectomy during cancer of the stomach. The peculiarities of the digestive system function after total gastroectomy with various methods of esophagojejunostomy after lymphadenectomy D1, D2-3 were studied. The results show the advantages of jejunogastroplasty over standard variants of esofagoenterostomy.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(3):38-41
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Specific immunotherapy and cellular immunity in patients with cervical cancer

Lazarev A.F., Kenbayeva D.K., Manambayeva Z.A.


The influence of a combination antineoplastic and immunotherapies on a condition of a cellular immunity in patients with cervical cancer of stage I-IIA is defined. Decrease in indicators of immunity system in the surveyed patients and moderate dynamics of their increase is revealed during the treatment, not being accompanied by adequate restoration of killer cells number.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(3):42-45
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Stenting during cardio-esophageal cancer recurrence in the area of esophago-intestinal anastomosis after gastroectomy

Medeubaev R.K.


The purpose of the study - the restoration of patency during recurrent stenosing esophageal cancer. 69 years old patients with relapsed cardio-esophageal cancer, accompanied by stenosis of the anastomosis were examined. Successfully performed balloon dilatation, stenting self-expanding stent Hanarostent HEV-18-90-070, restored the possibility of enteral nutrition. Stenting for recurrent cancer can be recommended as an alternative to re-operation.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(3):45-46
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Health care services use by patients who died from oncological diseases during the last year of their lives

Maltsev S.N.


Medical aid appealability of 568 people who died from oncological diseases during the last year of their lives has been analysed. The investigated cohort consisted of 288 men, 280 women at the age from 24 to 94. The statistics of various medical aid appealability is mentioned below.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(3):47-49
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Criteria for the definitive diagnosis of melanoma, by creation of a scorecard

Yargunin S.A., Davidenko I.S.


Melanoma of a skin is thought to be one of the most aggressive tumors with unpredictable prognosis because of a high potency of local growth, local and remote metastases, and dissemination. Regarding this point very important aspect is an adequate assessment of patients and proper therapy administration according to a disease stage. Options for effective diagnosis is to create a single user registration card will allow to create the uniform Russian Federation register of patients with a skin melanoma and will help to introduce an international treatment standard with distribution of patients on stages and substages.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(3):49-52
pages 49-52 views

Family medullary thyroid cancer: etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis

Yukina M.Y., Troshina E.A., Beltsevich D.G., Rumyantsev P.O.


Medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) represents 2-8 % of thyroid malignancies. Predominantly MTC have sporadic nature but 20-30% of cases are hereditary caused by germ line missense mutation in RET gene with autosomal dominant inheritance. There are precise genotype-phenotype correlations of RET mutation location (genotype) with tumor manifestation age, disease aggressiveness, presence of components of multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome 2a and 2b types (phenotype). MTC is considering as slow-growing tumor but early metastasizing. Regional metastases frequently involve neck and mediastinal lymph nodes, distant — lungs, liver and bones. Calcitonin — highly sensitive biomarker of either primary or recurrent MTC.
Russian Journal of Oncology. 2013;18(3):52-56
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